RADBOUD MENS & FERNANDO JOSÉ PEREIRA – The Inoperative Suspension Of A Stoppage – CD limited – ERSCD011


1 / The Thin Line Between Outside And Inside (Suspension) / 14:09
2 / The Insurgent Search For A State Of Contemplation (Inoperative) / 6:30
3 / Staring The Present Real Of Now (Suspended) / 13:38
4 / We Try, By Choice, Not To Give Answers (Breathing Spell) / 11:19
5 / The Paradox Of Being Absolutely Useless (Stoppage) / 9:07
6 / A Suspended Step In The Middle Of The Bridge (for Theo A.) / 10:22

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Time and duration are the subjects of The Inoperative Suspension of a Stoppage, from Radboud Mens and Fernando José Pereira. The “de-anaesthetic record” addresses the accelerated pace of society while nodding to the disconnection of pandemic time, inviting listeners to listen without watches and phones.

postrockcafe / a closer listen

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