HAARVÖL – Hebetude – CD limited – PAD03514


1 / Nutshell Boat Sinking In The Attic / 4:06
2 / Fall (The Black Flag) / 6:22
3 / Requiem For A Forgotten Mirror / 9:08
4 / Living Oulipian Libraries / 7:03
5 / The Atavistic Game / 7:21
6 / Playful Ambivalence Of Shadows / 8:30
7 / Les Machines de l'(In)Quiétude / 5:57
8 / Mirror Of The Mirror’s Mirror / 6:04
9 / The Unmirror / 9:28

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Haarvöl, a collective project based in Portugal with three permanent members, has been active in the field of experimental music since the end of 2012.

Haarvöl’s music is conceptually developed in the exploration of the properties of sounds in order to achieve cinematic and imaging environments. Hence the emphasis on non-illustrative interaction of sounds with images, which is evident in the videos purposely prepared for certain compositions and that can be viewed on the Vimeo page of the project (*). The sounds are not restricted to their medial origins: both digital and analog sources are used and mixed.

“Hebetude” is the first album of the project and was composed in the second half of 2013. It explores the compositional features around the idea of cinematic music in which attention to detail and complexity of sounds are a sign of the group’s identity. The CD album is a numbered limited edition (80 copies). The cover is signed by designer José Carneiro and manually silkscreen printed in the studio of artist Joana Paradinha.


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