HAARVÖL – Indite – CD limited – MFR024


1 / Stazione Metafisica (A Antonioni) / 8:25
2 / Water Ordeal / 10:02
3 / The Massive Downward Of Greyness / 11:02
4 / Quaestio Tormentorum / 10:13
5 / The Inescapable Labyrinth / 7:08
6 / Broca (Effacer la Mémoire) / 8:20

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The opening moments of Indite sound like a large electronic contraption powering up, which serves as a metaphor for the Portuguese trio. This is their second album, although they’ve been making music and videos for years, most notably the haunting and beautiful Fall (Black Flag). Indite is the sound of the trio lifting their music to a higher level. And while one doesn’t need videos to appreciate them, every track screams for a visual interpretation.


The trio is not afraid to bring in other influences. For a shining minute and a quarter (6:56-8:10 of “Quaestio Tormentorum”, Haarvöl does a solid imitation of a noise/metal band, calling to mind the metal explosion in the middle of Kreng’s The Summoner. It’s as if they are saying, “We know how to do this, but we prefer to do that.” In old English, indite is “the process of composing”, while in modern English, the homonym indict is “to charge with a serious crime.” Indite (the album) is an indictment of its peers, a challenge to all purveyors of maudlin music.

Richard Allen / a closer listen

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