MATMOS – The Marriage Of True Minds – CD – THRILL316

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1 / You / 7:02
2 / Very Large Green Triangles / 4:43
3 / Mental Radio / 3:39
4 / Ross Transcript / 2:37
5 / Teen Paranormal Romance / 4:47
6 / Tunnel / 5:40
7 / In Search Of A Lost Faculty / 6:11
8 / Aetheric Vehicle / 7:14
9 / E.S.P. / 8:03

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Briefly: The members of Matmos, Drew Daniel and Martin Schmidt, conducted parapsychological experiments on a series of test subjects that sound oddly similar to those from the opening scene of Ghostbusters: They attempted to telepathically communicate their intentions for this record to their subjects, who then reported any images or sounds they thought they received. Their input is woven inventively throughout True Minds; On “In Search of a Lost Faculty”, you can hear these participants struggling to describe visions of triangles (a startling number of them report having received images of triangles, actually) while Daniel and Schmidt surround them with ringing chimes. The concept seems designed for ethereal, mystical music, but Matmos doesn’t really do ethereal or mystical: The Marriage of True Minds hits harder and feels more joyfully physical than anything Matmos has done in years.

Jayson Greene / Pitchfork

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