The East Village Other – CD – ESP1034


1 / Plastic Clock Radio: Luci’s Wedding / 0:09
2 / Steve Weber: If I Had A Half A Mind / 0:43
3 / Gerard Malanga & Ingrid Superstar: Gossip / 1:03
4 / The Velvet Underground: Noise / 1:50
5 / Marion Brown, Scott Holt & Ron Jackson: Jazz Improv / 2:33
6 / Allen Ginsberg & Peter Orlovsky: Mantras / 10:20
7 / Plastic Clock Radio: Luci’s Wedding / 0:04
8 / Tuli Kupferberg, Peter Rawson, Tuli Kupferberg & Viki Pollon: Love And Ashes / 2:37
9 / Ishmael Reed: The Free Lance Pall Bearers / 3:29
10 / Andy Warhol: Silence

This album was intended to raise funds for The East Village Other, an underground newspaper. This is the first North American CD release of the “electric newspaper,” an archetypal Sixties counterculture ‘happening’ from August 6, 1966, this is also the first edition anywhere since the original vinyl to include the lengthy closing track, “Interview with Hairy.”

A legendary all-star cast of performers got together to make an anti-war collage of words and sounds that defies mere track listings—one of the elements is “Silence” by Andy Warhol, which, contrary to at least one wrong-headed European reissue, is not actually a separate track (so don’t write in complaining about its supposed absence): For some period of time, while the radio played and/or other performers did their things, Andy stood in the studio silently. Hey, it was the ’60s. It’s a concept, man.


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