FRED FRITH – Guitar Solos – CD – RERFRO02


1 / Hello Music / 1:31
2 / Glass C/W Steel / 5:35
3 / Ghosts / 3:12
4 / Out Of Their Heads (On Locoweed) / 8:24
5 / Not Forgotten / 1:55
6 / Hollow Music / 2:44
7 / Heat C/W Moment / 1:43
8 / No Birds / 12:46

“Here’s the original CD as released by the Virgin subsidiary Caroline, in the early ’70s. Hugely influential at the time, and still legendary, this is just Fred alone with electric and acoustic guitars, and the help of multiple pick ups, scrapers, and countless new techniques for getting new sounds out of the guitar. At the time it impressed Brian Eno so much Fred got to work with him. It also launched Fred’s career as a solo improviser of world stature, which he remains to this day. From rock and roll attacks, to post apocalyptic scraping, Eno-esque delays and ambiences, and wild fuzz lead, Fred does just about everything you could imagine doing to a guitar. The release replaces the first CD version, which was available in the 80’s and 90’s on the Swiss Rec Rec label.”

Forced Exposure

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