CHARLEMAGNE PALESTINE / JOACHIM MONTESSUIS – V o x o r g a c h i t e c t r o n u m p u t e r – CD – SR326


1 / Voxorgachitectronumputer / 60:36

CHARLEMAGNE PALESTINE wrote intense, ritualistic music in the 1970s, intended by the composer to rub against audiences’ expectations of what is beautiful and meaningful in music. A composer-performer, he always performed his own works as soloist, but likes new experiences too ! His earliest works were compositions for carillon and electronic drones, and he is best known for his intensely performed piano works.

JOACHIM MONTESSUIS since his birth in 1972, has lived in 15 different cities, including Bordeaux, Strasbourg, Marrakech, Abidjan, Besançon, Rotterdam, Cologne. He is currently based in Paris. He is interested in the links between art, sound, science and spirituality. Since 1993 he has been developing a transversal sonic poetry praxis focused on experimental voice processing and immersive concert-installations. His noise and video events are devised as panic-poetic spaces in which sensorial disturbance and blurring occur, starting from silence to wall of sound. His current work is oriented towards a reflection process on the observation and perception of reality through a non-dual approach.

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