1 / Jamaica Heinekens In Brooklyn Revisited #1 / 6:00
2 / Schlongo!!!daLUVdrone Revisited #1 / 12:09
3 / Schlongo!!!daLUVdrone Revisited #2 / 3:22
4 / Karenina Revisited / 12:03
5 / Schlongo!!!daLUVdrone Revisited #3 / 3:39
6 / Jamaica Heinekens In Brooklyn Revisited #2 / 8:24
7 / Jamaica Heinekens In Brooklyn Revisited #3 / 2:04

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Young God Records is proud to announce the release of the music of the seminal early Minimalist composer Charlemagne Palestine, as re-configured/re-iterated by David Coulter and Jean Marie Mathoul, in co-operation/collaboration with Mr. Palestine. Coulter and Mathoul have taken previously recorded works of Mr. Palestine and – with the full respect due these often transcendent and sacred works – interwoven new sounds/found-sounds, drones, and unexpected textures into an ever-shifting flow that brings new light to these deeply soulful, sonic-sculptural emanations. Re-contextualizing the pure and spiritual force of nature that Mr. Palestine’s music represents could be a risky musical undertaking, but in my opinion Coulter and Mathoul have pulled it off beautifully, inspired solely by their love and respect of the original works themselves. The mixes have an authentic, hand made sensibility, and even when electronics are occasionally introduced, retain an organic feel. The music on this CD has given me hours of listening pleasure, and I hope it provides you with a similar experience. It’s also our hope that the release of this CD will serve as a portal to the work of Mr. Palestine for those who might not already be aware of his substantial catalog of music.

Michael Gira / Young God Records

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