BERNARDO SASSETTI TRIO – Culturgest 2007 – CD – CF587CD


1 / Abertura / 9:01
2 / I’m Thru With Love / 10:45
3 / Reflexos / 15:34
4 / Algumas Coisa Não Mudam / 13:21
5 / Tristeza dos Dois / 5:08
6 / Um Dia Através do Vidro / 7:50
7 / Quando Volta o Encanto / 16:00

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On March 23rd 2021, Nelson Carvalho, the amazing sound engineer who accompanied all of Bernardo Sassetti”s recordings and concerts, texted me with a finding. The recording of the memorable concert held in 2007 at Culturgest’s Auditorium (Lisbon), one of Bernardo’s favourite venues, was intact and waiting to be published.

The occasion celebrated the Trio’s 10th anniversary but, in truth, Bernardo Sassetti, Carlos Barreto and Alex Frazão had been playing together for 12 years.

The Trio was at it's sharpest shape, playing almost telepathically, and Bernardo knew this concert had to be properly registered.

Years went by, with Bernardo focusing on the future, planning new albums, composing and recording with meticulous care, and this live recording piece was left behind.

With Bernardo’s unexpected disappearance, in 2012, it took us time to learn how to live his abscence and listen to his music.

I believe you are holding in your hands the Trio’s best example of its artistry, a precious register of the band’s search for an unique voice.

My gratidude goes primarly to Bernardo, for all of his beautifull gifts, to Beatriz Batarda, Carlos Barretto, Alexandre Frazão and Nelson Ca listening to Bernardo’s music.

Pedro Costa / Clean Feed Records

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