TERRY RILEY / RAGAZZE QUARTET, SLAGWERK DEN HAAG & KAPOK – Four Four Three: Music Of Terry Riley – CD – CCS37816


1 / In C / 40:35
2 / Sunrise of the Planetary Dream Collector (Version For String Quartet, Horn, Electric Guitar And Percussion) / 16:51

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The Ragazze Quartet with its classical roots, Slagwerk Den Haag with its contemporary sounds, and the unusual jazz trio Kapok… Contrasting contours, but a common denominator: none of these three ensembles belong to a specific category. All three push the boundaries of our genres in our quest for newforms and adventurous joint projects. It is through this inquisitive musicianship that theunusual combination feels so wonderfully natural.The choice for Riley’s repertoire gave another stir to our boundary reconnoitre. For Riley’s music allows considerable space for creativity and improvisation. The tension that arises through freedom within strict frames means that every performance is different. And it brings with it that the music has a strong sense of spontaneity and joie de vivre. In C, performed by the Ragazze Quartet and Slagwerk Den Haag, the dynamic rangeis enormous. Long, melodic lines as well as short, rhythmic motifs may be employed,producing an effect of both tranquil contemplation and pulsating explosiveness. Sunrise of the planetary dream collector was originally written for string quartet. But the Ragazze Quartet invited jazz trio Kapok to make a new arrangement together.The mix of string quartet and horn, electric guitar and percussion, all expanded withelectronic effects, offers a rich pallet of timbres. All this goes to bring the groovy rhythmand whimsical, improvisatory character of the music further to the fore. In this way the combination of different ensembles forms the basis for our own uniqueversion of Terry Riley’s In C and Sunrise. A version you have probably never heard beforeand will not hear anywhere else.

Ragazze Quartet / Outhere Music

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