TANGERINE DREAM – Electronic Meditation – CD – EREACD1025


1 / Genesis / 5:56
2 / Journey Through A Burning Brain / 12:26
3 / Cold Smoke / 10:38
4 / Ashes To Ashes / 4:07
5 / Resurrection / 3:28

American and British bands were quick to establish national schools of psychedelia, but continental European bands evolved differently. Countries like Germany and Sweden, far from the epicenters of pop and rock flourish, got their news via weekend radio shows and imported LPs. German guitarist Edgar Froese, playing with a beat combo The Ones, had already formed a long-distance attachment to Jimi Hendrix when he met Salvador Dali, and was inspired to form the earliest version of Tangerine Dream (named after a lyric in The Beatles’ “Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds”) in 1967. Froese met Berlin club owner Conrad Schnitzler, himself a student of avant-garde sculpture and music (via his former teacher Karlheinz Stockhausen), and later, drummer Klaus Schulze. Along with organist Jimmy Jackson, they formed the version of TD that produced their first LP, Electronic Meditation.

Dominique Leone / Pitchfork

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