TAM – I See Wind, I Hear Voices – 12″ EP – WB002


A1 / Focused On Something
A2 / The Minister
B1 / I’m Done
B2 / A Prayer

“I See Wind, I Hear Voices” is Tam’s debut on Wasser Bassin. The label’s second is now aimed to the dancefloor, and – we ought to say – it is a mean dancefloor: Powerful kick-drums, fat basslines and acid synths, all wrapped up in low-motion House dynamics.

In the artist’s own words ” All the tracks tell a tale. I was interested in finding some meaningful words to go with the music. I wasn’t really into the “Oh, Yeah!” kinda stuff, manly because the tracks were a bit downtempo and something like that would sound frivolous, or too damn obvious. I was always fascinated by charismatic voices, so I chose the words of a deeply charismatic preacherman: Jim Jones. Oratory is very important, and he truly mastered this talent. Although, I am aware that Mr. Jones’ actions led to a terrible mass suicide, his words, when taken out of its gruesome context, sound fairly sensible… I could believe in those words, as if madness could make perfect sense in my daily life. This constitutes a very good example of a paradox, and all I did was adding some music to that paradox .”

Well, lets prepare ourselves for the Disco-House Drama created by Mr. Tam!

“And the beat goes on…”

Wasser Bassin

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