SYMPTOMS – Apathy – CD – WM32


1 / Asphalt Mirror / 11:55
2 / Old Man’s Music / 2:19
3 / Stale City Air On A Morning / 9:13
4 / Mute Noise Of Longing / 8:19
5 / Burning To Be Gone / 10:17
6 / Crack In The Sky / 4:00

“The second album from Denmark’s Klaus Ammitzboll (brother of Silo’s Fred) takes the listener on a deeper, more introverted journey than his highly-acclaimed eponymous debut, retaining and refining his attractive though unsettling mix of ‘one guitar one pc’ lo-fi and a breathtaking harmonic skill. The music here explores direct effects on the body, both in terms of external physical reactions and corresponding internal senses, encapsulated best by the artist’s assertion that ‘thoughts have a distinctive feel to them, which can be translated into physical music.’ As much in the tradition of atmospheric pioneers like Eno & Sylvian, as it is in step with Swim’s other modernist heroes Lobe, Immersion & Silo, while also sharing headspace with the likes of Pan Sonic, Phoenecia and friends, the deep tones and looming sonic clouds of Apathy offer new visions of electronic construction.”

Forced Exposure

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