SUPER 7 (LOS) – Heard It On The X – CD – CD-83623


1 / The El Burro Song / 3:15
2 / Cupido / 3:03
3 / Talk To Me / 3:59
4 / I’m Not That Kat (Anymore) / 2:31
5 / My Window Faces The South / 2:29
6 / Let Her Dance / 2:59
7 / Learning The Game / 2:06
8 / The Song Of Everything / 4:18
9 / Ojitos Traidores / 2:41
10 / I Live The Life I Love / 3:07
11 / Heard It On The X / 4:05
12 / See That My Grave Is Kept Clean / 2:48

There’s something powerful—and a little bit dangerous—happening at the border. It’s something that has to be heard to be truly understood. It emanates from a place where cultures collide and all the rules are broken. Its heyday may have come and gone, but its spirit moves across the ether to this day. It’s the eternal pirate AM signal, hailing from an uncharted no man’s land where a handful of hucksters, carnival barkers, troubadours and outlaws pitch their virtual tent and set the airwaves ablaze with a churning stew that is equal parts music and mayhem, sex and redemption, medicine and madness.

The sounds you are hearing are the ghosts of border radio, better known as X radio to those whose memory is truly in tune. Do not attempt to adjust your set. Chances are, you won’t even want to.


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