SECRET OF ELEMENTS – Chronos – CD – IF1062


1 / Grace / 5:35
2 / A Last Waltz / 3:25
3 / Memento / 7:13
4 / Astral / 3:38
5 / Nothing Lost Yet / 4:26
6 / Cassini / 4:36
7 / Vinculum / 8:00
8 / Liebe / 4:07
9 / Rage / 3:59
10 / Aurora / 5:28
11 / Mein Schmerz / 6:49

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We have come a long way since we first met Johann Pätzold, who was heavily involved in the arrangements of Carl Craig’s “Versus“ project for the label.

We immediately grew fond of the young composer for his human qualities and his determination on political and cultural issues — the tensions in his hometown of Rostock helped shape Secret of Elements’ character, and made him a player in a burgeoning local scene. His two solo EPs for InFiné were testament to his skillful writing and showed an urge to move towards more organic and instrumental music.

Now, ‘Chronos’ is a collection of tracks composed and rearranged over a decade. The productions have something “universal” about them. They speak to us. They mobilize our fantasy, enhance our passion and play with our anxieties.

The album – partly conceived in the pain of a personal separation, in a Europe of closed borders and finalized in a time where cultural and social exchanges are being confined – nevertheless carries a bright and singular luminosity. The glow of a large screen open to the wider world, a dialogue between orchestral movements and modern electronic productions.


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