RESIDENTS (THE) – Intermission – 12″ EP transparent limited numbered – MOV12003


A1 / Lights Out (Prelude) / 5:52
A2 / Shorty’s Lament (Intermission) / 6:46
B1 / The Moles Are Coming (Intermission) / 2:54
B2 / Would We Be Alive? (Intermission) / 5:10
B3 / The New Hymn (Recessional) / 4:19

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Intermission collects the pre-recorded opening, closing, and intermission music heard on shows during The Residents’ Mole Show tour in 1982 and 1983. This music was written especially for the performance, though it was played from a tape rather than performed live by the group.

The three intermission numbers were heard between “Migration” and “Another Land” in the show. The other two tracks were used to open and close the performance.

The infant on the cover is Jana Flynn, daughter of The Residents’ spokesperson and manager Homer Flynn.

Intermission was released on October 10th 1982, and was the first release by The Residents to warn that it was not the then-upcoming (and still unreleased) Part Three of The Mole Trilogy. This warning would feature on a number of releases from the group until the mid-1980s when the Mole Trilogy was abandoned entirely.

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