LENNI-KALLE TAIPALE TRIO – Nothing To Hide – CD – 86035-2


1 / Nothing To Hide / 4:51
2 / First Peace / 7:40
3 / Sami-Imas / 5:18
4 / Hääpari (Wedding Couple) / 4:19
5 / Peppi (Här Kommer Pippi Långstrump) / 3:51
6 / Kohkaus / 7:42
7 / Namibia-Diapam / 3:41
8 / Like I Care / 5:55
9 / Fadin’ Storm / 3:47
10 / Taivas On Sininen Ja Valkoinen (The Sky Is Blue And White) / 5:32
11 / Invisible Beauty Of My Flower / 6:00

Finnishing School. The photo of the Lenni-Kalle Taipale Trio contained in the liner notes of Nothing to Hide betrays the spirit of the music on this disc. That spirit is confident exuberance. The picture shows the youthful trio that is made up of Bassist Timo Tuppurainen, Drummer Sami Järvinen, and pianist Lenni-Kalle Taipale. Tuppurainen stands most in the background with a boyish grin that shows a determined playfulness that emerges in his electric and acoustic bass playing. Next in line is Järvinen, with hair flowing well past his shoulders and a confident expression of “So, you think you have something new to tell me…”. Finally, in the pictures forefront is the leader, Lenni-Kalle Taipale. The most Nordic of the three, Taipale’s blond hair is combed back as if by his hand, revealing a high forehead, penetrating eyes and a smile that says he is arrived and will let his considerable talent do the talking.

C. Michael Bailey / All About Jazz

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