JON WOZENCROFT / JON SAVAGE – Vagabond 1 – Livro – 187410400X


ISBN10: 187410400X
ISBN13: 9781874104001
Editor: Touch / Incunabula (UK)
Língua: inglesa
Encadernação: capa mole
Páginas: 80 + autocolante

1 / Vagabond 1 (front cover)
4 / The Uncertainty Principle
5 / SIMON FRITH: Why Did the Weasel Go Pop?
7 / JON SAVAGE: Personal Freedom, Unlawful Wounding
10 / Infomania
11 / Mother Tongue
12 / JON SAVAGE: cont.
14 / MICHAEL HARDING: The Expansile
17 / TV SMITH: Gather Your Things and Go
18 / Family Portrait 1
19 / Family Portrait 2
20 / Pressures to Join
27 / Marker
28 / Playing Mickey Mouse
29 / JON SAVAGE: Overload and Heaven Sent
36 / MARC ISSUE & CLIVE MEACHEN: White Knuckle Pass
38 / Feminine is Beautiful
40 / Annie Spinkle’s Sex Guidelines for the 1990’s
43 / The Land of Technology
44 / Copying Guidelines
46 / Finger
51 / The Noise of the Birds
52 / The Turing Machine
54 / ADAIR BROUWER: Plaster White Boys…
58 / CAROLINE COON: Now What?
60 / English Dancer
61 / HEINRICH VON KLEIST: The Theatre of Marionettes
64 / CATHERINE GAITTE: Smooth and Moderate
65 / Socrates
66 / CORNEL WINDLIN: Green Card
68 / The Falling Leaf
69 / JON WOZENCROFT: Partialforce
74 / JAMIE REID: The Rise of the Phoenix
75 / MARK SINKER: Trafalgar
78 / MATTHEW POND: Squatting
79 / Xerox to Infinity
80 / Vagabond (back cover)

With images by Jon Wozencroft, Panni Charrington, Danielle Hayes, Robert Doisneau, Helga Paris, Malcolm MacLaren, Marc Issue, Neville Brody, Russell Haswell, Diana Mavroleon, John Critchley, Hannah Hoch, Z’EV, and Jamie Reid.

Jon Wozencroft studied as a postgraduate at the London College of Printing, working for various printers and publishers before setting up the multimedia publishing company Touch in 1982. As well as working as a freelance writer, designer, editor and programme-maker, Wozencroft collaborated with artists and musicians from around the world developed Touch as an alternative vision of audio-visual publishing. A series of contributions to Touch from Neville Brody let to closer involvement, firstly in helping to set up the Brody Studio in 1987, later as an author of The Graphic Language of Neville Brody. At the end of 1988, they published a treatise on corporate design culture in The Guardian Review. In 1990, they started the FUSE project, of which Wozencroft is the editor. Jon Wozencroft began teaching at Central St. Martin’s School of Art and Design in London in 1992 where he developed a new course for BA Graphic Design. In 1994 he was appointed main tutor and assistant course director for MA Interactive Multimedia at the Royal College of Art. He is currently Senior Tutor in the Communication Art and Design Department at the Royal College of Art.

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