DURUTTI COLUMN (THE) – Obey The Time – LP2 yellow+purple limited – FBN274


Obey The Time
A1 / Vino Della Casa Bianco
A2 / Hotel Of The Lake 1990
A3 / Fridays
A4 / Neon
A5 / Home
B1 / Spanish Reggae
B2 / Art And Freight
B3 / The Warmest Rain
B4 / Contra-Indications
B5 / Vino Della Casa Rosso
The Acid Guitar
C1 / Home
C2 / What It Means to Me
C3 / English Landscape Tradition
C4 / Opera II
D1 / Finding the Sea
D2 / Otis
D3 / Jacqueline

Largely self-produced, and entirely instrumental, Obey the Time saw DC mainman Vini Reilly further develop his interest in electronic music, and even embrace house and techno stylings. “The title came screaming off the TV screen in somebody’s version of Othello and captured exactly the feel of the work in progress,” explained Tony Wilson, Durutti manager and Factory founder. “We were in the middle of the Aceeed explosion. If you lived in Manchester, you were absolutely in the middle of it. Vini even explained why House made keyboards sound so fresh. Something to do with a chord being played with 3 or 4 notes into the sampler, but then different chords being triggered by a single key stroke. Creating mathematical harmonic relationships ‘which Schoenberg had searched for but never found.'”

Indeed veteran Durutti percussionist Bruce Mitchell features on just one track, Art and Freight. Marking a further break with tradition, dance exploration Contra-Indications was taped with New Order programmer (and later co-manager) Andy Robinson. Released in December 1990, Obey the Time (Fact 274) would be the last Durutti Column album on Factory before the labelled collapsed beneath a mountain of debt.


FBN pressing of double disc vinyl edition is limited to 500 copies in neon yellow and transparent pink vinyl, with the original 8vo sleeve design printed in pantone colours with matt varnish.

Factory Benelux

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