DURUTTI COLUMN (THE) – Domo Arigato – LP2+7″ – FBN52


Domo Arigato v2.0
A1 / Sketch For Summer
A2 / Sketch For Dawn
A3 / Party
A4 / Never Known
A5 / Mercy Theme
A6 / Pauline
B1 / A Little Mercy
B2 / Jacqueline
B3 / Mercy Dance
C1 / A Silence
C2 / The Room
C3 / E.E.
C4 / Conduct
D1 / Tomorrow
D2 / The Beggar
D3 / For Belgian Friends
D4 / The Missing Boy
D5 / Self Portrait

Dedications For Japan
E1 / Love Fading
F1 / For Noriko

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Factory Benelux presents (…) Domo Arigato, the acclaimed live album by Manchester ensemble The Durutti Column, recorded in Tokyo in April 1985.

Domo Arigato followed on the heels of ambitious ‘modern classical’ album Without Mercy a year earlier, and saw composer/guitarist Vini Reilly and percussionist Bruce Mitchell augmented by John Metcalfe on viola and Tim Kellet on trumpet. Their show-cum-recital at the Gotanda Kan’i Hoken Hall on 25 April was recorded digitally and filmed on two 35mm cameras. ‘Mixing down was fun,’ recalled Durutti manager/mentor Anthony H. Wilson. ‘We were on a flight out next morning so Nippon Columbia hired a mobile studio recording truck and we mixed from midnight to 6 a.m.’
In fact the group always considered this somewhat hurried mix imperfect, and so for this greatly expanded 2017 reissue Factory Benelux have returned to the original soundboard tapes and remastered the entire 90 minute performance, in the process restoring the original running order.


Double gatefold vinyl edition (…) contains a bonus 7″ single, Dedications for Japan, in a facsimile picture sleeve. The 18 live tracks on the double vinyl format are all taken from the 2017 soundboard remaster and present the entire 1985 show (except for Dream of a Child and Blind Elevator Girl, which for reasons of space appear only on the CD version).

Factory Benelux

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