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1 / Zehn / 32:59
2 / Neun / 14:50

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On the whole its a really nice listen. Its mostly impossible to tell the two voices apart, partly because obviously they are both playing similar instruments, but also because their approaches seem closely attuned, with both musicians opting for a more intimate, understated methodology. When the music pulls itself up and out into the clouds of activity we hear often, and particularly in the half hour plus opening track Zehn, everything comes together really dramatically, tiny sounds swarming like ants working together en masse, gradually converging until suddenly they are everywhere. Elsewhere perhaps things lose their way occasionally, and its easy for the details to overdo themselves from time to time, particularly in the calmer passages of Zehn, when the duo’s sounds seem to wander off track into little tangents when perhaps even more restraint could have served the music better, but all in all this is a solid and thoroughly enjoyable album that sounds like it has been made by two musicians thoroughly enjoying themselves.

Richard Pinnell / The Wacthful Ear

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