CHRISTINE FOWLER – Polyphonies And Other Lost Tracks – K7 limited – WB011


A1 / Madrigal / 5:23
A2 / Das Liede Von Der Erde / 4:00
A3 / Elegy For Evols / 6:32
B1 / The Equator / 6:15
B2 / Monogatari / 6:20
B3 / A Portuguese Polyphony / 5:50

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The album compiles several comissioned sound installations and remixes that, for one reason or another, have never seen the light of day. In the artist’s own words: “The track that best defines the album is, probably, ‘The Equator’. Here, everything is divided, this recording is neither north or south, it’s no man’s land, a sort of purgatory where souls linger unresolved…. A digest compedium of unfinished things.”

All said and done.

Limited to 50 copies!

Wasser Bassin

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