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1 / Boo F***ing Hoo
2 / Deformity Follows Dysfunction
3 / Deferred Gratification
4 / If That’s Your Idea Of Fun
5 / Paralysis
6 / Nothing Exists
7 / The Puzzle
8 / Hatred Is Forever
9 / Reasonable Facsimile Of Compassion
10 / Die Laughing
11 / Betrayed
12 / Cindy
13 / Serpent Of Denial
14 / Quid Pro Quo
15 / Walking Inside Out
16 / You Know It and Yet You Don’t
17 / Recurrence 33

Benediction Foam is a studio band based in Kalamazoo, MI. One Doug Hamilton wrote all the songs, played most of the instruments, and does occasional vocal cameos. One Brent McDonald provides drum patterns and also occasionally plays other instruments (and produced and recorded our eponymous debut). One Kit Le Blanc is the usual vocalist. We basically sound like no one else, though most of our songs are determinedly dissonant and abrasive–guitars interweave in complex and unlikely patterns, often employing Eastern scales or verging on atonality. The lyrics focus mostly on “:dark” themes such as addiction, abuse, pent-up rage, sense of meaningless, and finally the hope for some sort of spiritual redemption.

Benediction FOAM

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