ANDRZEJ DUDEK-DÜRER – Somewhere Else – K7 – NR005


A1 / Do Not You Hear / 10:10
A2 / Distaste / 8:40
A3 / To Be Not… / 8:10
B1 / When… So / 10:45
B2 / Something More / 8:35
B3 / Not Important / 6:25

Music is an important aspect of Dudek-Dürer’s work. The beginnings of his interest in composing and performing are connected with the Hindu tradition and the sitar, an instrument used in Indian classical music. Dudek-Dürer was fascinated with its sound and meditative aura. The artist manufactured his own sitar for the first time in 1974, and has since used it many times in his performances. His instrumentation consists also of a piano, guitar, Japanese koto, and electronic instruments. The compositions of the artist have been released as albums: Metaphysical Sitar Music (1983), Gregorian Chance with Mark Bloch (1988), Equivalent (1996), Transmutation (1999), Infiltration of the Timespaces (2000), Trans Trip (2001), Transmutation II (2003), Trans Power Music Project A. Dudek-Dürer (2012), Projection z Lucyanem (2014).

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