A1 / Honey Boy / 1:09
A2 / Apologize / 2:18
A3 / A Good Day / 3:05
A4 / Where You Come From / 2:32
A5 / Blood Family / 4:40
A6 / Treehouse / 1:45
A7 / Without A Net / 1:13
A8 / Play The Tape Out / 4:12
A9 / Blackout / 3:04
B1 / A Mirror Behind You / 1:00
B2 / Save Yourself / 1:44
B3 / Fair / 1:34
B4 / Mother Fell Out Of A Window / 3:43
B5 / Real World / 1:56
B6 / None Of It’s Real / 0:52
B7 / Trust Me Honey Boy / 1:42
B8 / I Want You To Be Here / 2:06
B9 / You’re A Fucking Star / 1:22
B10 / A Violent Act / 4:19
B11 / All I Ever Wanted / 1:47

For his second original score, Alex Somers digs further into the abstract, unique sound that he has been developing for years with Jónsi and Sigur Rós, by using toys and basically any object that will make noise—from a glockenspiel to a pen holder—playing with effects to deliver a score that is characterised by its slight uplifting feeling and its tenderness. The one-hour album in which the score is compiled provides evidence of the fun the composer had mixing instruments and toys in the same cues—‘A Good Day,’ ‘Where You Come From,’ ‘A Violent Act,’ ‘I’m Your Cheerleader Honey Boy’—and yet staying true to both the film’s subtlety and the only direction he got from Alma Har’el and Shia LaBeouf—‘Don’t feel sorry for the kid.’

The Honey Boy score also include a collaboration between Alex Somers and screenwriter, producer and musician Zach Shields—a long-time friend of Ryan Gosling’s, with which he formed the duo Dead Man’s Bones. Shields co-composed four cues with Somers, including the opener ‘Honey Boy’ and the stirring piano motif in ‘I Want You To Be Here.’… …

Valentin Maniglia / Score It Magazine

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