AKSAK MABOUL – Une Aventure de VV (Songspiel) – CD – MTM48


1 / The Escape / 2:09
2 / Walk & I Walk / 1:54
3 / Miracle au Jardin / 3:37
4 / Veille au Rêve / 2:19
5 / La Tempête / 5:24
6 / Fable / 3:07
7 / Talking With The Birds / 6:04
8 / L’ombre Double / 5:18
9 / Thème du Mur / 1:15
10 / Le Mur / 4:08
11 / The Eraser / 3:00
12 / Zone Blanche / 7:04
13 / Dans les Airs / 5:51
14 / La Parole de la Peau / 5:54
15 / Brown Dwarfs / 5:48

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In the wake of their acclaimed comeback album Figures (2020), Aksak Maboul took a playful sideways step to create this total work, a 63-minute, continuous suite of fifteen pieces, which could be described as an experimental audio play.

The thread running through Une aventure de VV (Songspiel) is Véronique Vincent’s text, an enigmatic philosophical-poetical tale unfolding through monologues and dialogues, spoken and sung by a series of characters.

The music was written & arranged by Marc Hollander and features his characteristic genre-hopping tendencies: strands of electronica, pop, jazz, collage, techno, ambient, improv, krautrock, contemporary classical & systems music are merrily woven together, in the inimitable Aksak Maboul style.

The album’s subtitle, Songspiel, highlights its theatrical/musical aspect: the work pays oblique homage to the those experimental radio plays that once emerged from the creative workshops of the BBC, the RTF and the RAI, and especially to those German Hörspiels which, at their best, might combine spoken word, instrumental or electronic music, songs and sonic research.

Une aventure de VV also modestly alludes to certain stage works written by adventurous composers during the first half of the 20th century, which embraced singing, spoken dialogues and elements inspired by popular music. Those composers sometimes invented genre names to describe their pieces: fantaisie lyrique, mimodrama, or… songspiel).

Une aventure de VV (Songspiel) is released as part of the Made To Measure composers’ series**. This underlines the special character of the project: a detour though an unexplored zone, rather than the follow-up to the previous album (this could actually have been said about each of the records in Aksak Maboul’s discography so far…).

The front cover features a painting especially made by French artist Ronan Barrot, entitled VV ou le ciel renversé.

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